David Peters is a faithful and supporting fan of our Products. David is a lover of all things active – especially golf. Throughout his career as a busy Photographer, David found himself always on the go. Now into his 60’s, David is semi-retired and enjoying everything that life has to offer. He is an avid golfer and part of the furniture at his local golf club. In more recent years, David had noticed that his favourite hobby was becoming more difficult and tiresome due to an ever-present dull ache that robbed the joy out of golf.

David describes the pain as nagging, constant, and a real cause for concern. He found that slowly but surely he was unable to keep up with his playing partners and being the life and soul of the course. After speaking to a friend who had suffered a similar ailment David was in the market for something to help him and his feet feel young again.

'I can enjoy the simple pleasures in life again - golf and walking'

David has now been using the Circulation Maxx Device for over a month but guarantees he felt a difference in just 7 days. David professes that he wasn’t expecting a miracle, only an improvement but is shocked and delighted by the incredible results. He states that he has absolutely no pain after using the device. He’s incorporated its use seamlessly into his working life. Whereas before a 2-hour photoshoot and walk would render David seated for the entire day. But now he knows he can tackle the day pain-free once again. It’s had a profound and positive effect across all of David’s life – work, life, socialising and hobbies.

'I noticed a difference in just 7 days'

When asked who David would recommend this device to, he joyfully told us that he had already recommended to a number of people at his golf club. In his words ‘If you want to rewind you age and feel younger the Circulation Maxx is for you’